Samm’s System© refers to our unique approach in building homes. We view the entire home as a system, handling every step thoroughly and effectively until the end result meets and exceeds your expectations.

Here is a look at our system so you will know what to expect:

  • Start with the initial interview. We learn your needs, desires, lifestyle and budget. We want to know who will be living in your new home (children, pets, extended family, visitors, etc.) and what they will be doing (relaxing, studying, watching tv, cooking, working, telecommuting, etc.).
  • We like to work with you to plan a home that you can afford and fills your needs.
  • We like to have our drafts-people draw an individual customized plan for your new home.
  • We try to have the home designed and specified (all the way down to wall colors and carpet selection if possible) before starting actual construction.
  • We pay particular attention to potential durability problems at the plan stage so that design flaws that will shorten the life of your new home do not get incorporated into the home.
  • We design and build the exterior walls that dry if they get wet.
  • We design and build dry crawl spaces that stay that way.
  • We size our heating and air-conditioning systems properly.
  • We design our structures for 100 years of useful life.
  • We require that all work we do be properly permitted.
  • We never knowingly violate the North Carolina Building Code.
  • We make frequent inspections of our job sites.
  • We meet with clients on site on a regular basis and keep and distribute minutes of those meetings.
  • We produce a contract summary and draw request on the last day of each month.
  • Every homeowner request for service work is entered into our system and managed.